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08 May 2010 @ 04:22 pm
...Yeah, a month later I reappear XP

First of all, I'd like to express my deepest apologies, because I was totally planning on keeping this icontest running, but all of a sudden I had a ton of work dropped on me. I was behind on work I thought I'd caught up with and teachers were hounding me to keep up with it.

Unfortunately this doesn't look like it's gonna let up anytime soon. Sorry to everyone who hoped this community would keep going, but I'm sorry to announce it's going to on hiatus until May 28. I'm not sure when audiopineapple will return, but that's the day I finish college for the summer, so I can once again keep up with the community then.

However I will try and get the voting and results done for the challenges that were never finished before that. Feel free to withdraw any entries you may have submitted, or even submit new ones in the mean time.

Again, I'm sorry. I just had all this work appear out of nowhere. But this doesn't mean the end of the icontest! We'll pick up where we left off when it's all over :D
13 April 2010 @ 07:28 pm
Hey guys. As you know audiopineapple has had to step down for a while because of her exams, however I'm gonna still be running this community in her abscence :D

Challenges will resume as normal this weekend, as I need to catch up with things I've missed while I've been away. I'm looking forwards to seeing the icons you come up with in future challenges :)

I'm debating wether or not to make this a weekly challenge or a fornightly challenge, so please comment here which one you'd prefer. I'm not bothered either way really, but I wanna know what you guys think ^^

Peace out y'all,
09 April 2010 @ 02:03 pm
I'm afraid I'm leaving this community, I don't have time to run either of my icontests as university exam period is starting. When drop_down_dead gets back he will decide how to carry on with this community and thank you to everyone who entered, the icons have been great :)
07 April 2010 @ 03:24 pm
The Greeks Bearing Gifts challenge is extended until Saturday 10th April at 1pm UK Standard Time. Find the challenge post here :)
29 March 2010 @ 12:53 am
It is time for challenge 07 - Greeks Bearing Gifts! If we get to 20 icons this week then the second special category will by 'Best Toshiko' so make sure to enter :)
Don't forget to vote here!

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Entries are due by Saturday 3rd April at 7pm GMT
28 March 2010 @ 03:52 pm
Underneath the cut are two votes; the tie-breaker (best crop) for challenge 05 and the voting for challenge 06 (I'm posting it this week as drop_down_dead  is out on holiday and I'll ask him to pick a mod's choice when he gets back.) Thanks to everyone who entered there are 25 icons! New challenge will go up later today and it would be epic if we could get to at least twenty icons again!


[x] Don't vote for your own icons
[x] You don't need to vote against your icon in the tie-breaker if it is in there

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27 March 2010 @ 01:01 am
Okay, the backlog is getting cleared! Here are the winners for challenge 04 - Cyberwoman; there was still a tie for second place and for third place after the tie breakers so there is no mod's choice for this week. Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered - banners are underneath the cut...

First PlaceSecond PlaceSecond Place
abarrowman007 abarrowman007 abarrowman007 
Third PlaceThird PlaceMost Emotive
drop_down_dead mirnell abarrowman007 

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21 March 2010 @ 02:17 am

[x] Don't vote for your own icons
[x] Please vote in the following format...

First Place:
Second Place:
Third Place:

Best Crop:
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Votes are due: Tuesday 23rd March at 7pm

Vote for the last challenge here and enter the new challenge here :)
20 March 2010 @ 09:53 pm
Hey everyone :D I'm your new co-mod, Aki. I'm happy to begin my moderation-ness with one of my favourite episodes, Countrycide.

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Entries are due in Saturday March 27 7PM GMT
20 March 2010 @ 03:28 am
Unfortunatly we have five icons tied for second place so please vote for your favourite two icons;


The Small Worlds challenge ends tonight so there is still time for some last minute entries! Voting for this will close Sunday 21st March at 6pm GMT